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You are being chased by a pack of rare carnivorous rabbits on a nature preserve in rural Missouri.

All you have is...

You'll just have to Wing It:

use ridiculous objects to get

out of absurd situations!

4-7 players, ages 12-adult

329 Resource cards

8 additional blank Resource cards (to make your own!)

89 Situation cards

What people Are Saying...

"Wing It is a kick back, relax, and enjoy activity. Most of our games didn't didn't finish up when someone won “X” number of situation cards, they ended when we couldn't sit up straight from laughing so hard."

- Wade Monnig, There Will Be Games


How to Play

The 5 Step Summary:

#1. To start off each round, all players draw a hand of five Resource cards.


#2.  One player is the Judge for each round. They draw a Situation card and read it aloud.


#3. Everyone takes a moment to think. Then each player takes turns telling their story of how they plan to use three of the five Resources in their hand to resolve the situation.

#4. The Judge chooses a winner and awards them with the Situation card. 


#5. Everyone replenishes their hand, a new player becomes the Judge, and the next round begins!

PDF of ALL Rules

for Wing It:

Sample Cards
How to Play

Sneak preview of wing it

Some of our favorite Resource Cards:

Human kidney

on ice

Bible signed by the Pope

Box of Kittens


loaf of fudge

All Miss Manners columns of 2002

Nine corporate CEOs

One large bucket and one smaller bucket

Video of a Southern Baptist megachurch

Some of our favorite Situation Cards:

You are hosting a picnic for a chihuahua enthusiast club, when suddenly a pack of hungry falcons takes notice of your party and begins making dives for the dogs.

You are the daughter of the governor of a British trading port. Late one night while returning from a party, you are snatched from your carriage by scoundrels and taken to their pirate ship in the harbor. Now they are holding you for ransom deep in the ship’s hold.

You are a burglar, and you have just broken through the window of a grand Victorian mansion, only to find it occupied by your ex-significant other cooking up a tasty dinner. 

You're babysitting on a houseboat in a lagoon in Florida. While the baby is sleeping inside and you're tanning on the deck, an alligator crawls on deck and then hits the water with your purse in her mouth. You're locked out with the baby asleep inside!

Playing Wing It is a little like this:
Find a RetaileR

Below is a map of some of the retailers who have ordered Wing It in the past.

Before you make the trip, call to make sure it's still in stock!

Find a Retailer
It takes a village to raise a penguin.
Thank you to:
  • All our Kickstarter backers for believing in us and in Wing It!

  • Our early play testers

  • Amanda Rinderle, Tess Hart, and Paul Bender for their Kickstarter coaching.

  • Zoe Chance for business advising and enthusiastic support.

  • Paul Bender and the entire GtG staff for lending their warehouse space and teaching us how to use it.

  • Mary Couzin (President and Founder of Chicago Toy & Game Group) and Todd Medema for great mentorship.

  • Keith and Karen Zeff, and all Zeff, Aschkenasi, and Emmenegger siblings for their endless ideas and encouragement and for enjoying the wild ride with us.

  • Isaac and Eli Emmenegger for sharing their creative vision for Wing It's zombie promo video, and to them and their friends for a stellar performance in this video.

  • Sara Mann, Michael Cannon, and Denise Field for relentless support, writing consultations, and free legal advice.

  • Andrew Zorowitz for sharing his wisdom, enthusiasm, and booth space at all hours.

  • Matt Cave for his great advice, enthusiastic collaboration, and incredible advocacy.

  • The rest of the retailers at the bar that one fateful night in Reno for giving us our big break: Anna O'Keefe, D. Veloz, Shane Munyer, Michael Caffrey, and Justin Vickers.

  • Andrew Zorowitz for sharing his wisdom, enthusiasm, and booth space at all hours.

  • John Stephens for great advice on next steps for our game.

  • James Takenaka at Hit Point Sales for taking Wing It to the next level.

  • Dan Yarrington, Founder of Ship Naked and Hit Point Sales, for giving us space to exhibit at GAMA.

  • Dana Chaykovsky for envisioning and creating our website

  • Yuliya Kim, graphic designer extraordinaire and mother of Angus the penguin, for consistently exercising positivity, patience, and excellent artistic judgment

  • Alan Belsky, Gideon Klionsky, and Daniel Byers for great work on our Kickstarter videos.

  • Brian Eisenstein, Danner Claflin, Shalev NessAiver, Annabeth Carroll, and Josh Luckens for coming out during flooding rains to make the Kickstarter video.

  • Rocky Neumann and Mia Scharphie for sharing their living room.

  • Angus V. Stoudt the Penguin for dreaming big and never letting reality get in the way.

Wing It was brought to life
by its early supporters:

Aaron Cannon

Abe Faham

Abigale Reisman

Adam Chilton

Adam Levine

Adi Feen

Adin Nelson

Alan Belsky

Alex Kragie

Alex Savtchenko

Alexandra Romano

Alice Mitchell

Alicia Rasys

Allan Press

Amy Ammar

Amy Englesberg

Andrea Wiggen

Andrew Molina

Andrew Stout

Andrzej Rattinger

Angelina Cardona

Anna Grace Barry

Anne Jonas

Anthony Frank Samaha

Anunay Sahay

Anya Brickman

Ari Bildner

Ari Dauba

Ashley Brookman

Ashley Tugade Tucker

Aviva Fellman

Aviva Mann

Aziz Twaijri

Benj Kamm

Benjamin and Nikki Zeff

Benjamin Groisser

Beth Blackmore

Beth Maylack

Bethany Kwoka

Bob Saris

Brandy Frie

Brendan Kelly

Brendan Sargent

Brian Eisenstein

Brian Shaw

Bridget Hogan

Bridget Tannian


Camellia El Antably

Cardboard Fortress


Carlos Villafuerte

Carrie Stalder

Catherine Epstein

Chase 'Talcerase'

Chris King (Kidcafe)

Christopher Green

Christopher Lavery

Christopher Weeks

Clare Schlegel

Corey Carmichael

Craig Johnson

Dan Secor

Dan Thurston

Dana and Eric Emmenegger

Dana Silverberg

Daniel Byers

Daniel Forman

Daniel Wilson

Daniel Woltanski

Darcy Nayler

David Cannon

David Slusky

David Sven Woodland

Davie Lustig

Debbie Schlueter

Debra Caplan

Denée Decker Tyler

Denelle Cooke

DG Christensen

Dugan Murphy

Ed Kowalczewski

Elie Woolf

Elizabeth McFall

Ellen Gordon

Elliana Krandel

Elliot Ortiz

Emika Abe

Emily Harris

Emily Roycraft

Eric J Brignac

Erin Borg

Erin Eastgate

Eszti Braun

Evgeniya Kim

Franne Kamhi

Fred Firestone

Fred Kukelhaus

Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

Gerald Layher

Gila Rachel Jacobsen

Glen Loper

Grant Merkel

Hannah Newman

Hannah Turner

Harpo Jaeger

Heather Douek

Hilary Gindi

Hilary Wang

Hinda Leah

Ian McFarlin

Jack Miller

Jacob Rosenblum

James Williams

Jamie Lichtenstein

Janet Turley

Jared Petravicius

Jarrett Byrnes

Jason Blackman

Jason Green-Lowe

Jason Lai

Jason Pollens

Jason Walcutt

Jayson Uppa

Jeff Amann

Jennifer Heilbronner Muñoz

Jennifer Koerber

Jennifer Raidt

Jessi Abrahams

Jim Mathis

Jim Walsh

Joe Abraham

Joel Holland

Joel McIntyre

John David Sadoff

John-Paul Julien

Jon Leiner

Jonah Mann

Jonathan Evans

Jordan Rodriguez

Jordana Goodman

Joreigh Botting

Josef Komissar

Josh Bob

Josh Mellits and Lauren Brodsky

Josh Patton

Josh and Theresa Wegner

Josh Weinstein

Joshua Abrams

Joshua Zelinsky

JP Tingey

Judy Johnson

Julia Chartove

Julia Plumb

Julie Hocking

Julie Vallimont

Karen and Keith Zeff

Kassandra Sparks

Katherine Meyers

Kathy Kennedy

Katie McNally

Kaylie Davis

Kelly Batchelor

Kelly Equality Fernald

Kevin Bernfeld

Kevin Hong

Kori Perten

Kristen Klein

Kyle Coston

Laken Hottle

Laura Bowles

Laura Fletcher

Laura Werner-Larsen

Lea Mara

Leah Foster

Leslie Millrod

Linda Kastan

Lindsey Tomsu

Lisa Kaplan

Lise Stern

Liz Burianek

Lizzie Horvitz

Lorraine Fryer

Louella Estillero

Maayan Bar-Yam and Talia Apkon

Madison Johnson

Maia Elkana

Malcolm Littlefield

Mari Black

Mariela González Álvarez

Marisa Harford

Mark Shilansky

Marni Portner

Marta Herschkopf

Masami Otto

Matt Carl

Matt Diogenes Hamilton

Matt Groth

Matt Holden, Indie Game Alliance

Matthew Cain

Matthieu V Hausig

May Helena Plumb

Maya Fayfman

Meeple Farm

Meir Brooks

Mel McKibbin

Michael A. Burstein

Michael Freiman

Michael Reisner

Michael Shafir

Mike Bezold

Mike Sedlak

Mike Wessler

Milena Garganigo

Miriam Attia

Miya Perry

Moises Cohen

Myron Lo

Nadav Yuhjtman

Nathaniel Seelen

Nicholas Andris

Nina Harper

Nina Lambacher

Nora Newcomb

Olivia Harding

Paolo Busi

Patrick Sheehan

Peggy Frank

Pete Fanelli

Peter Stein

Phyllis Wilker

Pinnapa Satitpatanapan

Quiet Geek Girl

Quinn Raymond

Rachel Asarnow

Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gutin

Rachel Neumann

Rachel Panitch

Rachel Weiler

Rebecca Harlow

Rebecca Linfield

Rebecca Philio

Rebecca Schulz

Rhona Ceppos

Rich Steeves

Richard Cleary

Richard Lajoie

Rob Resnick

Rob van Vlokhoven

Robert Schepis

Roberto A. Cipreni

Roberto Rodriguez

Robin Leonard

Robinette Schwei

Russell Canlas

Ruthie Nachmany

Ryan Mott

Sara Deforest

Sara Mann

Sara Rose

Sarah and Carl Aschkenasi

Sarah Lieber

Sarah Mermelstein

Sarah Reid

Scott Rosen

Shaina Forman

Shalev NessAiver

Shana Tinkle

Sharon Cannon

Sharon Oster

Shayna Keller

Sheela Nath

Sheryl Kluberg

Shilpa Kobren

Shira Winter

Shoshanah Schein

Siobhan Climer

Sonia Saraiya

Sonja Vitow

Stan Forman

Stephanie Kinkel

Stephen Kump

Steven Harris

Steven Slaughter

Steven Tarr

Su Doyle

Talitha Burchart

Terry Bernstein

Terry Castongia

Terry Huffaker

Tess Hallowell

The Uncommons

Thomas Pinto

Tilda Mann

Timothy Vollmer

Tina Murtha

Todd Nelson

Tripp Miller

Tyler Godoff

Tyler Mentzer

Vanessa Joiner

Vardit Samuels

William Calvert

Yakir Reshef

Yavni Bar-Yam

Zachary Reiss-Davis

Zan Donovan

Zander Ebin

Zane Relethford

Zaynah Qutubuddin

Zoe Chance

Zoe Lloyd

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