Number of Players: 4-7

Playing Time: 30-60 mins

Recommended Ages: 14+


The Million Dollar Doodle is a party game in which players come up with funny, “brilliant” new companies and products and then pitch them to their friends and family. The game has both cooperative and competitive elements: you cooperatively create companies by building on each others’ ideas, then competitively pitch them. At the beginning of a round, each player receives two “Logo Component” cards (e.g. “a hamburger” and “an explosion”), and draws a Logo that combines them. Players then pass their logos in a circle, and one by one, other players add a Company Name, Slogan, and online Review to go with the logo. Then players pitch the companies/products they’ve created and vote on which one to invest a million dollars in!


Game Contents:

1 Rule Book

250 Logo Component cards

7 dry erase pads

7 dry erase markers

The Million Dollar Doodle