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I thought about how to adapt “would you rather” into a super fun game and ended up deciding to create a game using objects to get out of crazy situations. It didn’t take but a moment to think of who I would want as a partner because my childhood friend Jon Cannon is one of the most creative people I know.

Jon: I got a call out of the blue from the this friend of mine from grade school, Molly, who lived in Boston at the time, but I don’t think I’d even seen her since I moved there, and she says, “Do you want to do this crazy game thing?” So we got together at her house and got really excited about the game. After that it was this regular opportunity to hang out with Molly and make up random stuff.


That’s kind of my ideal social situation. I wish all of my friends would be like, “Hey Jon, wanna come over and say random words?” ...I mean, that’s what I usually do anyways.


Making up the objects was the best part because I would just say, “Pickaxe!” and then Molly would say, “Mountain climbing gear!” and I’d be like, “A rope!” and she would be like, “A helicopter and a rope!” and then I’d be like, “Some guy in the helicopter! A pilot!”


Molly: “A wise fox who speaks only in riddles!”


Jon: For months, I’d completely forget about the game, and then Molly would be like, “Hey do you wanna come over and work on the game again?”


Molly: It took us almost 4 years to come with all 400-something cards -- it was more of a hobby than a business until 2014. But then we finished all the creative work and started turning our game into a full fledged business, which for me has been really fulfilling a dream.


Molly: Back in 2010, I really needed a creative outlet that I wasn’t getting at my job...I wanted to bring something totally new into the universe. I thought about what I could invent and sell, and those little Would You Rather books came to mind, those books with questions like, “Would you rather have a ketchup-dispensing navel, or a pencil-sharpening nostril?”  The really big questions of our time. And I thought, It’s someone’s job to write that stuff! They're basically paid to be weird…I  want to get paid to be weird.

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